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Prophet Suzette M. Hester is the daughter of Ike Hester Sr. and the late Mother Ola Lee Robbins, born in Miami, FL. After the passing of her mother, she began to live a wild life. She became involved with a drug dealer, and thought it was the best thing for her to live life in that world. She began to traffic drugs in and out of town, and as the fast money came in she became deeply involved. One day, while she was trafficking drugs out of town the house where she lived was busted by the police. She was looking at five years in prison, but the prayers of her mother were still at the throne of God. She did not turn to God even after this; she continued to live that fast life.
One day while sitting in front of her hair salon, a guy put a gun to her head while trying to rob her. She cried, "Jesus" as he pulled the trigger and the gun jammed. Once again God was calling her, but she would not turn and come to the Lord. The love of God was still there, though she still did not turn to Him.
As a young lady, she wanted to do what she wanted to do. One day she decided to leave her shop and go home. Five minutes after she left the shop, it was shot up while workers were still inside. She still continued to live that fast life. The shop was shot up three more times, but she still did not turn to God.
One day while traveling out of town Monique asked the Lord if she were to die would she make it into heaven? Within 5 minutes the van flipped over three times. The answer from the Lord was no. She still did not turn to God and continued in that fast life. The Grace and Mercy of God saved her over and over again. One day at the shop while she was getting ready for a party, she heard gun shots. Somebody told her that the victim was the father of her children, and he had been killed. She ran down the street she saw his body in the street; she saw that he had been shot eight times.
Her world began to come down after losing her house, shop, cars, and all the money she had. Things began to look very bad. She could not feed her children, was moving from place to place, and had no where to turn. There were even times when she tried to kill herself and her children. There were many sleepless nights. There were times when she thought she would not make it, but God had a plan for her life. Our Lord and Savior wanted to use her for the up building of His Kingdom. In 1996, God called her into ministry. Under the leadership of Apostle Scott, she was trained to be a godly woman of God and taught how to talk and run ministry. She was also taught how to evangelize and do mission work. She was taught how to pray and do spiritual warfare. God has done awesome things in Pastor Hester's life. After her training in ministry, God spoke to Apostle Scott to release her to go forth with the ministry.
This new ministry "Tree of Life Bethesda" was birthed on October 11, 2004, at intercessory prayer meetings that were held on Monday nights under the leadership of Prophet Hester. Tree of Life Bethesda within two weeks enrolled fifteen foundational disciples. During her first year of pasturing, she encountered many setbacks. There were hurricanes and the ceiling of the building collapsing continuously. There were times during services when roof leaked.
Through this, Prophet Hester continued to stand on the word of God. He allowed her to birth a singles ministry called "God's Surviving Women" which stands on the 3rd Chapter of the book of Ruth. In this ministry, she focuses on the hurt of other women, encouraging them in the things of God, letting them know that God has great things in store for them, in spite of their past. Through the word of God, the women are being taught to hold on to God, cry out to Him, and wail before Him. In "God's Surviving Women" we encourage each other, while patiently waiting and enduring.
Kingdom Empowerment Center, Inc. was also birthed through Prophet Hester. "It is my desire to see our surrounding inner city neighborhoods impacted by providing the citizens with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. I want their lives to improve through the basic teaching of the fundamentals of budgeting, education, parenting skills, and employability skills."
Our mission is to empower the people of the surrounding neighborhoods, so that they will become productive citizens, thereby building citizens for the Kingdom of God. We believe that through biblical teaching and advice the surrounding inner city neighborhoods will improve overall. In this way we can create an atmosphere of low criminal activity, and reduce the homeless rate and substance abuse.
After many attempts Prophet Hester is a proud high school graduate, and will be enrolling is an Associate Degree Program in Business Management. She continues to set an example for the body of Christ by accomplishing her personal goals. 
Tree of Life Bethesda is blessed and honored to be under the leadership of Prophet S. Monique Hester. God has blessed us with a powerful woman of God, who has a heart for the people of God, and who loves them dearly. "It is my desire to see the people of God excel in the things of God, live a life holy and acceptable unto Him, and to know that your life can be changed!
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